Best places to visit in Tricity

I am Italian and I come from the South of Italy. I don’t live far away from the sea, so for me, it’s hard to survive without admiring the sea, without taking a walk along the seaside or without getting my feet wet in the water. It’s been almost four months now that I am in Poland and it’s been even more time since I didn’t go to the beach. I decided to go to the Tricity on the one side because I heard about it, on the other side because I missed the sea but also because I was really curious to see if the Baltic sea would be beautiful as the Mediterranean sea.

Tricity are three cities located in the North of Poland along the Baltic sea coast; Tricity consists of GdyniaSopot and Gdańsk. Those are three cities super close to each other, well-connected by public transports, so if you plan on going to the North of Poland you can’t miss the Tricity.

One of the best places to visit in the Tricity is for sure Gdynia.

Gdynia’s harbour

Gdynia is a lovely city in the North of Poland. During its history, it has evolved from being a fishing village to being a resort town. It is not that big but still, it’s super nice. It is composed of the main boulevard ( Świętojańska ) where you can find plenty of adorable cafés and restaurant. I admit that when I was walking down that road, I thought that it was a shame that I didn’t have my laptop with me and that I couldn’t work in one of those cafés.

I liked the city center, but what I enjoyed the most of Gdynia was its promenade along the coast. You can enjoy a superb view of the Baltic sea.

If you are looking for a breathtaking beach, then you have to reach Plaża Redłowska (Redłowska Beach). This beach is so beautiful! I must admit that it’s not so easy to reach since you have to pass through the forest to go there, but it’s just so wonderful that you will be happy when you will arrive there. If you are a fan of sandy and peaceful beaches, you need to visit this one.

Another place to visit in Tricity is Sopot.

Sopot is a seaside resort city and a tourist resort destination. If you prefer to stay away from crowd, this place is not for you. But if you are looking for a place where to party in Poland, then Sopot is the place where you have to go.

The city center is really small but it’s full of restaurants, pubs and bars. I was there during the morning and it was already overcrowded, so I can imagine that during the night it must be even cooler.

In Sopot you can see the longest wooden pier in Europe and you can take a walk across it for 10 zloty.





The best place in the Tricity: Gdańsk.


Honestly, Gdańsk was the reason why I decided to visit the Tricity. If Gdynia and Sopot drew my attention, the pictures that I saw of Gdansk blew my mind. Besides, in Warsaw, several billboards are promoting that city, and every time that I saw one I couldn’t stop thinking that I had to visit Gdańsk before leaving Poland.

Apart from being a beautiful city, Gdańskis important because it’s the place where WW2 started. Not by chance in Gdańsk, you can visit WW2 Museum and you can cross Bridge Tczewsk (Most Tczewsk) that it’s the place where World War 2 began.

Its city center is outstanding, with its colorful buildings. The atmosphere is magical and when you are taking a walk in Dlugi Targ it seems as you are walking in a fairy tale.

If you are in Gdańsk, take a look around the Old Town and along the Vistula River. Marvel around the colorful buildings and eat a lody włoskie if you are there during summer. Get lost in this beautiful city.


I hope that you enjoyed reading this article and that you really wish to visit Torun now! If you need any other kind of tips, feel free to write me a dm on my Instagram account. I would be happy to help you with anything!


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