Reasons why you should visit Toruń

Toruń is a historical city situated in the North of Poland. It is possible to reach this city using the public transport, so trains or also bus. Okay, I guess it is pretty far from the place where you are staying (if you are a tourist, I can imagine that you are staying in Warsaw, Krakow or Wrocław) but you need to visit this city. Why? Well, first of all, because the medieval town of this city is a UNESCO World Heritage site and secondly you have to visit Toruń if you are in love with cinnamon just like me. I loved this city because when you walk in the city center you can hear the cinnamon smell! But why? If you want to find it out, you should continue reading this article! Here I will give you some reasons why you should visit Toruń as well as tips concerning the city, so you will be prepared the next time that you will visit Toruń.

The medieval town

Torun old town, Poland

The medieval town of Torun is one of the most beautiful towns in Poland, and everyone knows about it since it was also elected as a UNESCO’s world heritage site. The town of Torun was started to be built during the 13th century; nowadays it is not possible to see how it was entirely in the past since some parts of the city were renovated and others destroyed, as for example the Teutonic Castle. In fact, currently, there are only some ruins of the old Teutonic castle.

Toruń’s leaning tower

The leaning tower in Torun

If you can’t afford a trip to Pisa and you still wish to visit and to enter in a leaning tower, well, that’s a reason why you should visit Toruń. In Toruń you can find a leaning tower that was built in the 13th city in order to protect the city. This tower leans because it was built in a loamy ground.

Don’t worry, it is totally safe to enter it! If you wish to enter there, you need to pay some złoty (I am not sure about how it was, but I am pretty sure it was cheap). Honestly, the little exhibition about medieval life is not really interesting but still- I found original to enter this tower because I experienced something new.

Pierniki (gingerbread cookies)

Personally, I love cinnamon and pierniki were for me an additional reason to visit Toruń. Pierniki or Toruń gingerbread is a traditional gingerbread cookie that has been produced in Toruń since the 13th century. Those cookies are an integral part of the Polish culture, and not by chance there is a quote that says “The vodka of Gdańsk, Toruń gingerbread, the ladies of Kraków, and the Warsaw shoes”. When you will be in Toruń, I am sure that you will notice Pierniki shops pretty much everywhere. When you’ll visit Toruń, you will find pierniki in all shapes, but one of the traditional ones is the heart-shaped one. The heart-shaped pierniki are called scherzo in honor of the Polish pianist Chopin.

The museums of Toruń gingerbread

Unluckily, when I was in Toruń I didn’t have enough time to visit the museum of Toruń gingerbread, however, I read that it’s totally worth it going there. In Toruń, you can find three gingerbreads museums: Muzeum Piernika , Muzeum Toruńskiego Piernika and Toruń’s Gingerbread Master Bogumiła . Visiting one of those museums, you will find out about the gingerbreads secrets, about their legends and *wait for it* you will also learn how to prepare pierniki! Yes, you will learn how to prepare those tasty cookies and then you will taste them. It sounds interesting, right?

Nicolaus Copernicus was born in Toruń

Poles are really proud of Nicolaus Copernicus, the famous mathematician and astronomer who formulated a model of the universe that put the Sun at the center of the universe and not the Earth. He was the most famous and most outstanding citizen of Toruń, that’s why you can find a monument dedicated to him in the main square and, in addition, you can also visit Copernicus house, the place where he lived when he was young. Its house is now a museum, where you can find typical furniture used during the 15th and 18th centuries.

The lovely figurines around the old town



If in Wrocław you can find dwarfs everywhere, in Toruń you can find colorful, ceramic figurines scattered around the city. Are you wondering what to do in Toruń? Well, now you know it! You can look for those figurines in the old medieval town. You will be really impressed!

The Vistula river promenade

Vistula River beach in torun
Vistula River beach in torun
Vistula River beach in torun

After having visited the old town, you can take a walk along the Vistula River. If you are in Toruń during summer, taking a walk along the river will be even better, because you will be able to a chill in one of the many bars. By the way, you can also decide to take a cruise along the river!

The panorama of the city is wonderful

If you wish to enjoy a beautiful view of the city, you should definitely go on the top of the Toruń Old Town Hall. A part from the panorama, if you’ll enter in the Torun Old Town hall you’ll have some bragging rights ’cause you will enter in one of the largest brick building in Europe.

Friends café

Central perk café in Torun
Central perk "friends" café in Torun
Central perk "friends" café in Torun

If you are a “Friends” and a coffee addicted just like me, you will surely love this café! Central Coffee Perks is located in the Old Town and for me, it was really lovely. It is really realistic, it seems like the real Coffe Perk’s café, except that this is better since you can watch Friends episodes while you are sipping your cappuccino or eating your lunch. Of course, Friends episodes are in Polish, but if you are learning Polish just like me, it is great because there are subtitles so that you can try to practice your reading skills and you can understand what’s going on in the episodes.


I hope that you enjoyed reading this article and that you really wish to visit Torun now! If you need any other kind of tips, feel free to write me a dm on my Instagram account. I would be happy to help you with anything!

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