10 things that you can’t miss in Warsaw

Are you planning to visit Poland when there will be no more restrictions? Well, if you are not planning to go to Poland you should start considering now your trip to Poland! Why? First of all, because it will be safe to travel around Poland after the pandemic since there weren’t a lot of cases registered there. Secondly, you should go to Poland because you need to visit Warsaw! If you will keep reading, you will discover ten places that are worth visiting in the Polish capital.

  1. Łazienki Królewskie (Łazienki park)

Palace on the Island

If you are in Warsaw, Łazienki park is a must-see place. This park is the largest park of the Polish capital and its considered as a monument since it was a Royal park. Its name means bath and it is derived from its most famous attractions, Palace on the Island. In the park, you can also find two marvelous Chinese pavilions. Make sure to visit them when you are visiting the park. 

If you will visit the park on Sunday morning during spring and summertime, you might have the chance to assist to a Chopin concert. You can check the Łazienki Facebook page to see when those events will take place.

2. Pałac Kultury i Nauki (Palace of Culture and Science)

This building is one of the symbols of Warsaw and it’s the tallest Polish building. It was commissioned by Stalin in 1955 and it is inspired by the Empire State Building. It was built to use it as a party headquarter and as a palace to host events. However, as the years passed PKiN became home to numerous companies, universities, libraries, and public institutions. Poles call the PKiN with some nicknames such as “Stalin’s syringe” or “Elephant in Lacy Underwear”.

Nowadays it is possible to go up to the 30th floor of the tower to enjoy a panoramic sight buying a ticket that costs 20zł (normal ticket) or 15zł (half-price ticket).

3. Pałac w Wilanowie (Wilanów palace)

Okay, so if you are addicted to palaces and castles just like me, you have to visit Wilanów palace! You can’t miss the “Polish Versailles” when you will visit Warsaw! This palace is not located in the city center, however, it is super easy to get there since there are several connections with public buses or, if you are in a hurry, you can also call an Uber.

Wilanów Palace survived both World War and today it represents an era from which much as been lost. When you are in the Wilanów district, make sure to visit both the palace and its garden. You can also decide to rent a rowboat and have fun in the palace’s lake!

4. Rynek Starego Miasta (Old Town Square)

The old town square is one of the most touristic attractions in Warsaw. It is located in the Warsaw old town, and it is characterized by colorfully decorated burgher houses. This square was blown up by the German army in 1944 but it was entirely restored after WW2.



In this square, you can find the Syrenka‘s statue, the symbol of the Polish capital. If you pay attention when you are walking around Warsaw, you will notice that there are different statues that represent the mermaid.

5. Zamek Królewski (Royal Castle)


More than a castle, the building is a palace and it represents pride for Warsaw because it was bombed and distructed during WW2, but it was rebuilt between 1971 and 1984. Nowadays it is possible to visit the inside of the castle and its garden. The castle is located in the old town, and it’s something that you need to see when you are visiting Warsaw.

6. Stare miasto (Old Town)

When you are visiting Warsaw, make sure to get lost in the old town. It is the oldest part of the city and it was rebuilt after WW2; it was tried to rebuild it as the original one, but unluckily the reconstruction is not always accurate. The Warsaw’s old town is placed as UNESCO’s heritage site as an example of a near-total reconstruction of a span of history. Don’t miss Plac Kanonia, behind St. John’s Cathedral and Brama Krakowska. I would also recommend you to arrive by foot until the Pomnik Powstania Warszawskiego, just to make sure to walk around all of the old town.

7. Ulica Nowy Świat

This is one of the main historic street of the city. You shouldn’t miss it because in this street you can find several cafés, shops, pubs, bar and places to eat. During your walk, make sure to eat Polish traditional staff on the go, such as paczki, zapiekanki or włochy lody.

8. Praga Południe

Praga is a district located not far away from Warsaw city center that was a separate town until 1791. This district is super nice and it’s worth checking out the several street art murals, the Centrum Praskie Koneser(where you can find the Polish Vodka Museum), the Cathedral of St. Michael the Archangel and St. Florian the Martyr and the City Zoological Garden.

9. Most Poniatowskiego (Poniatowskie’s bridge)

This is not probably a tourist spot, but I like it and that’s why I think that I have to recommend to you to at least take a look at this beautiful bridge. Most Poniatowskiego is a bridge that connects Powiśle and Praga‘s districts. It was built between 1904 and 1914, but during the two World War, it suffered a lot. However, it was rebuilt and it was beautified in 2004. I find it marvelous because of its towers and because of the view of the Vistula River that you can enjoy from there.

10. Vistula River Beach

I guess that you weren’t expecting to find a beach in Warsaw, because neither do I. But yes, there is a beach in Warsaw called Vistula River Beach, situated not far away from the PGE National Stadium, in Praga. What I would recommend you is to spend an evening there or to go there with some beers to enjoy the sunset. This beach is Saska Kępa is frequented by locals, who love to spend their time there with their friends by a campfire.

I hope that this list of places to see in Warsaw makes you want to visit this mesmerizing city. If you need advices or no matter what, feel free to send me an Instagram dm .


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